Montipora spp. Encrusting (Red Polyp, Green Base)


Montipora spp. Encrusting (Red polyp, Green base) has as the title says a red polyp with a nice green base. A beautiful color combination that stands out well, even in an sps dominated tank.

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Montipora is a genus of small polyp stony corals found in reefs around the world. Montipora are some of the most diverse SPS corals available. They come in a huge variety of growth forms such as plating, crusting and branching, as well as just about every color imaginable. Montipora benefits from clean water, stable conditions, bright light and strong currents.

If you're looking for SPS, Montipora would be a good choice because it's not insanely challenging for beginners and because there are so many options for colors and shapes that they can be worked into any reef aesthetic.

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