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Top 5 Colorful Corals

You may be wondering which corals are best kept in your aquarium at home. When considering corals for your own aquarium, you need to think practically. Leather corals are generally the easiest to keep, although all corals are sensitive to changes in water parameters. If you are an experienced hobbyist, you may just be looking for the most unique and beautiful types of coral to add to your aquarium. Below is an overview of some colorful coral species to consider for your aquarium.

1. Euphyllia Coral (Euphyllia divisa)

This is a genus of corals that includes hammer, grape, anchor and torch corals. Some of these corals develop numerous branching heads, each bearing numerous brightly colored tentacles that move with the flow of the water. With moderate lighting and stable tank conditions, these corals are quite easy to care for.

Coral Polyps

2. Pectinia (Pectinia alcincornis)

These are one of the strangest looking coral species out there, with finger-like structures growing up from a central body. Pectinia corals have only recently become popular in the aquarium hobby because of their unique appearance and bright colors. They often display shades of neon green, bright yellow or vibrant orange.

3. Rhodactis (Ricordea yuma)

A species of disc anemone, these corals feature small appendages that come in a variety of colors and textures. Disc anemones tend to grow quickly and are relatively easy to care for in the aquarium. Most varieties are low-priced and easy to find, while some of the more unique colors are more pricey.


4. Acan (Acanthastrea lordhowensis)

This type of coral is so popular in the aquarium hobby that in many cases it has a very high price. Acan corals exhibit some truly unique color patterns and textures that will stand out in your aquarium. They require only moderate lighting and moderate currents, making them quite easy to keep. They will appreciate being fed.


5. Blue Gorgon (Acalycigorgia sp.)

The blue gorgonian is a type of coral named for the brilliant blue polyps and is a great option for the experienced hobbyist. This coral has blue polyps that grow outward from a red-orange base. It needs little light and a strong water flow. These corals need supplemental nutrition to thrive.



These are just a few of the thousands of coral species out there. When thinking about which corals to add to your aquarium at home, think about more than just appearance. Think about how much lighting and water flow the species needs and what its nutritional needs are. The more research you do, the better equipped you will be to care for your corals.


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