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5 saltwater fishing for beginners

Choosing the right fish can be tricky for novice hobbyists. This article will take you through some of the best fishing options if you’re getting into the hobby. Also discussed are fish that will drastically improve the health of your aquarium in the initial phase.
The best approach is to fill your tank with these beneficial fish first and then add your favorites. The reason for this is that these beneficial fish serve a purpose in maintaining your aquarium which will make your aquarium more successful with these fish.


These fun little fish do very well when kept in pairs. They adapt well to life in an aquarium and are one of the most widely bred fish in captivity. This highly successful captive breeding reduces reef damage and has evolved into hundreds of designer clownfish from which to choose.
The standard ocellaris species or a certain color variant thereof are absolutely brilliant with color and are very strong. They are the ideal fish to add first as they provide the biological foundation that makes the water suitable for additional fish.

Coral Polyps

yellow surgeon fish

These surgeonfish eat algae. You can see them grazing on the stones all day long, keeping the aquarium clean. The usefulness of these is obvious, they keep the aquarium free of algae, which makes the aquarium look more attractive. The fish themselves are also a feast for the eyes. No wonder this fish is very popular among hobbyists.

yellow surgeon fish

Yellow eye brush tooth surgeon fish

Just like the yellow surgeonfish, these fish belong to the surgeonfish family. They are called brush tooth because of the mouth and because of this special mouth they are specialized in eating different types of algae. Like the yellow surgeonfish, they spend their entire day eating algae. These two species in particular are favored because they are easy to keep and remain relatively small.

Yellow eye brush tooth surgeon fish

lawnmower blenny

This is also an algae eating fish that grazes all day on the stones. Algae are the main cause of aquarium failure in the first year and they give an unsightly image to the aquarium. Our goal is to help you create a beautiful and easy to maintain aquarium. Keeping fish that eat algae achieves this in the best and easiest way.

lawnmower blenny

six-stripe wrasse

This fish is also very helpful when you start up your aquarium. He will spend all day looking for small critters in your tank that can be used as a pest controller. These pests are, for example, slugs that eat zoanthids or montipora. It is always questionable how effective the fish will be in combating these pests.

six-stripe wrasse

Where is the best place to buy your fish?

There are many online stores where you can order them or stop by your local aquarium store. Then take a day to see them all and buy the one that looks the healthiest. Often these specialty stores have the most fish in stock. If not, you can always ask if they can order that one fish for you.

When it comes to identifying who delivers the best quality fish, look at three things. First, a clean aquarium represents a well-maintained aquarium. If the shop and the tanks appear to be clean, this increases the chances that the fish are well cared for and healthy.
Second, look around for a nice and well-maintained main aquarium. The best sign of ability is not only success, but also a passion for the hobby and the animals. A good main aquarium will show this for you.

Finally, ask them what their quarantine process is. There is no right or wrong answer here, but it does give an idea of the attention they pay to the animals. At the end of the day, you will likely identify a clear winner and find a reliable supplier.


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