We strive to send the corals as safe and good as possible to our customers. We try to create the most ideal conditions during shipment. We also like to listen to customer feedback in order to make the shipment of our coral as best as possible. If you want to know more about how we ship our corals, read more on this page.

What do we use?

We use strong plastic bags, elastics, a heat pack, air cushions, stickers, a styrofoam box and of course a cardboard box during the shipment.

How do we ship corals?

We pack each piece of coral separately in a plastic bag so that stress is prevented as much as possible. We also use heat packs with every shipment so that the temperature of the water is maintained. We also add extra air so that the coral has enough oxygen and the pH remains constant. The styrofoam box also protects the package better and prevents temperature fluctuations. The outer box is covered with a sticker on each side. On this sticker are arrows that indicate which side of the box should be kept up at all times. This is especially relevant for the parcel deliverer.


Step 1

The coral is put in separate bags. The styrofoam box is filled with insulating air-containing plastic.

Step 2

When the bags are all firmly attached using the padding, another heat pack is added. This keeps the water at the right temperature during transport.

Step 3

The styrofoam box provides good insulation and a stable climate. This ensures that large temperature fluctuations are prevented.

Step 4

The Styrofoam box is placed in a cardboard box. There are also stickers on it so that deliverers know that there are live animals in the package so that they handle it with care.

What are our shipping methods?

For all our corals we send them via Express Saver Next Day – 24h Express delivery. This is mandatory for livestock and we strictly adhere to this.

We ship coral on Tuesdays and Wednesdays . Customers therefore receive coral on Wednesday or Thursday. So make sure you are at home !

You will receive a track and trace code as soon as we send the package. Our corals will never just be sent by post with all the possible risks associated with this. With 24h Express delivery, a lot of attention is paid to fast delivery and careful handling of the package.

If you order products from us (not livestock) they will be sent via DHL, DPD or PostNl. If there are any details regarding the order, the customer will always be contacted.

What are the shipping costs?

Normal products

You pay €6.75 shipping costs when you order products up to a total order of €75 (so no livestock).


When you order coral, there is a cost of €19.95 for orders under 150 euros. When you place an order that is higher than 150 euros, we ship for free.

Delivery products

For most products we have a delivery time of between 5 and 10 working days. Because we currently still have a minimum stock. We will stock up as soon as possible for products that are ordered more often.

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